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Lunаr Сyсles and life


The Moon, with its divine glow and cyclical nature, is a powerhouse of cosmic energy. It helps us align with the cycle of life, death and rebirth by tuning into our emotional bodies. La Luna (the moon) is the brightest celestial body that can be spotted from Earth. The changing phases of the moon in the cosmos affect us on a daily. The term “lunar cycle”, refers to the moon’s continuous orbit around Earth that consists of 8 phases. The moon is 1/4 the size of the earth and takes 29.5 days to complete a cycle. Earth and the moon are connected and drawn to each other via the gravitational pull. The moons gravitational pull is undeniably strong and that’s why it impacts the seasons, tides, length of days and calendar months. The moon impacts our emotions and moods just like it impacts the seas and oceans. We are made up of roughly 60 per cent of water, so we can feel its tugs and movement in our daily life.

Effeсt Оf Mооn Сyсles

Since the beginning of time, ancient cultures have been tracking the Moon and observing our cosmic connection with its monthly cycles and flows. Just how we are all pulled and affected by Earth’s rotations and gravity, we too move in and out of cycles. The moon has a significant impact on our spiritual, emotional and physical existence. Our physiology, behaviours, sleep patterns, menstrual cycles and emotions all have been linked to the Moons phases.It is believed that the lunar cycle can affect our emotions, personalities, outlooks and our lives. When the moon is full or new, both men and women can experience dramatic changes in their behaviour. We can awaken to a new understanding of ourselves and the moon’s wisdom by becoming aware of its influence. The moon rules our inner world, subconscious emotions and imagination. It universally represents depth and has a soulful, nurturing protective and gentle energy. Just starting at the moon in awe and letting its glowing rays of celestial light wash over you can be therapeutic and healing.

Recent researchers have stated that humans may react to changes in the earth’s magnetic fields that fluctuate with the moon phases. The earth’s magnetic field fluctuates when the oceans flow with tides as saltwater is an electrical conductor. These fluctuations have shown to affect our alpha brain wave activity and impact our internal biological rhythms. Several studies have reflected that people suffer from disturbed sleep during full moon phases. Lack of sleep can have significant effects on our overall mood – causing irritability, decreased focus, impatience and high-stress levels.

Mооn Mаррing

We can learn to tap into the ancient energy of the moon by a technique called moon mapping which can be used to manifest our goals. Moon mapping is a way to sync your life with the phases of the moon so you can harness the lunar energy to live a smooth and productive life. It is a lunar energy blueprint that can serve as a support system to оrgаnise оur weekly/monthly schedules. The moons energetic shifts can be used to set intentions, do inner work and set guiding principles. Look at the phases of the moon as a gardener, who plants seeds, tends to the plants, reaps the harvest and reflects back on all the work he/she has put in.

Syncing our life with the mystical energy of the moon can help us become aligned with nature and its flow. We can become co-creators of our reality by tuning into the yin and yang phases of the moon. The yang phases are action-oriented and are about pushing moving forward while the yin phases are much needed pauses, to pull back, rest, slow down and restore.

Lunаr Рhаses

Tracking the Moon’s phases and honouring them with ritual helps us move forward with intention and restore balance in our daily lives. The Moon goes through eight phases with different energetic focus in one full lunar cycle. Let’s dive into each phase to unlock the full wisdom.

New Mооn/Dark Moon (Yang)

New moon is the first phase that occurs when the moon is positioned in alignment with the sun and earth. It appears as the dark side of the moon because the sun is not facing the moon and we don’t see the illuminated side of the moon. This is the time for new beginnings, self-discovery and embracing our passions + excitement. The no-light phase brings our energy down and makes us feel low. We feel exhausted and feel the need to go inward. This is the best time to release, recharge and reboot our strength. Collect and organise seeds for fresh starts, clean slates and new projects. It is the best time to release unwanted thoughts of the past and set intentions for what we want to manifest in the future.

Tip: Unwind in your zone, indulge in some self-love and journal your feelings. Manifest work/vision ideas via vision board and journalling. Spend some alone time and allow yourself to explore new opportunities. Do a physical + mental cleanse. Fast with lemon and water.

Waxing Crescent Moon (Yin)

Waxing crescent phase occurs when the sun starts moving closer to the new moon and reveals a thin layer of silver crescent. After a reflective and recharging new moon, the waxing phase offers us hope, motivation and positivity to embrace our desires with renewed energy. This is the time where we can begin planting seeds we have collected and take actionable steps towards our desires. We must plan and prepare by writing down our intentions, wishes, hopes and goals.

Tip: Express gratitude to the universe. Let your instincts guide you. Nourish your body with a grounding meal. Meditate on your desires and what you want to manifest in your life. If you have any healing crystals, use those to set an intention. Great intentions are a mix of energy, focus and attitude. Bring new people and things into your life. Accelerate projects you are working on.

First Quarter Moon (Yang)

During the first half-moon, the moon forms a 90-degree angle to the sun and earth. In the first quarter of its monthly cycle, one week into the new moon, we see the right half the moon lit up and the other half in shadow. This is the phase of light and shadow that helps us pick up momentum, tackle resistance and face first hurdles/obstacles as we strive to achieve our targets. This time can test our commitment towards our goals and we must remain resilient. After a week of rest and intention setting, the moon directs us towards taking action and making decisions to bring our intentions to reality. We feel inspired to work hard, take decisive action and tackle challenges. The seeds we planted start sprouting and growing roots.

Tip: Embrace the flow of life. Trust that the universe has bigger plans for you than you can fathom. Follow the dots as they lead you to your highest good. Try some flow and movement exercises. Channel energy into creative expression.

Waxing Gibbous Moon (Yin)

In the waxing gibbous phase, the illuminated portion of the moon is one phase away from becoming a full moon. The moons vibrant light is almost full. 
This is the phase where we review, redirect and reevaluate our progress. Our plans are challenged and patience is tested. We adjust and tweak our original idea + intent based on the wisdom we gain from our challenges. The seeds we planted are budding + getting ready to bloom.The waxing gibbous phase signals refinement, assessment, clarity and flexibility.

Tip : Be flexible. Practice gratitude and look for guidance through signs towards the best course of action. Listen to your gut and trust your inner wisdom. Recite positive affirmations. Practice creative visualization. Soak feet or bathe in epsom salt to destress.

Full Mооn (Yang)

During a full moon, the moon appears as a full gleaming circle when the sun, moon and earth are in alignment. The moon is on the other side of earth directly opposite the sun.The energy during this phase is intense, emotions are heightened and we feel tense. The bright illuminated moon shines light on dark places, bringing our suppressed emotions to surface. It represents abundance, change, rewards and completion of cycles. The seeds we planted on new moon have fully bloomed and are ready for harvest. It is time to celebrate your hardwork and achievements. Light shines and accelerates our goals and intentions, It is the best time to release and let go what is holding us back. Unwind and be in flow with the universe.

Tip : Observe and process your emotions. Channel this heightened energy into projects and activities. A ritual for releasing + reflecting can help to recharge your spirit. Quit bad habits. Take a relaxing full moon bath. Charge your crystals. Make plans and take steps forward. Honour the moon and its glory. Write a gratitude list. Fast for the whole day and cleanse your system. Accept help + guidance.

Waning Gibbous Moon (Yin )

After a full moon, the moon starts becoming smaller and dimmer. It is the phase between full moon and half moon. This is the ‘out with the оld, in with the new’ zone.

This is the best time to express gratitude, thoughts, joy and generosity. During this phase, it is essential to release past influences and remove anything that is no longer serving us. Now is the time to pause, reflect and be thankful for the lessons learnt. We must be open and willing to receive abundance + fruits of our efforts. The seeds planted are fully grown and we are ready to be of service and share our gifts with others. We must reflect on our intentions and how they impact everyone around us.

Tip : Sit down with your gratitude journal. Send thank-you notes. Treat your best friend. Discard old habits. Cut off toxic relationships/friendships. Tie loose ends. Light up candles and smudge your space with any cleansing tools. Take time to reconnect with your loved ones who you may have snapped at/or neglected during the full moon phase.

Lаst Quаrter Mооn(Yang)

During the last quarter, left half the moon lights up, decreases in light and returns to its half+half illumination. As the moon wanes and continues to fade, we may feel the need to release, cleanse and let go of all our baggage to move forward.

This is the phase where we have the urge to forgive and let go of anger, regret and grudges. It is the best time to act on instinct, transition, reflect, take final actions and course correct. This phase gives energetic support to spring clean, break negative patterns and bad habits. Everything comes together and we realise that we have to release in order to grow+evolve.

Tip: Forgive and release regrets + resentments. Clean home for a clean slate. Cleanse mind through meditation. Perform cord-cutting for toxic habits, friendships or relationships. Purge material objects that no longer serves you. Do a burn and release ritual.

Wаning Сresсent Mооn(Yin)

During the waning crescent (aka the balsamic moon), the final bit of the illuminated portion of the moon starts decreasing towards the new moon leaving a just a silver crescent of the moon visible.

This is the phase where one full moon cycle is ending and everything comes full circle. It is the best time to rest, recuperate and prepare for a new cycle. We must slow down and surrender to the wisdom we have gained during the completion of our cycle. It is important to rest, restore and nurture our minds +bodies during this phase. We must withdraw from the outer world, mediate and contemplate over what we want to carry to our next cycle.

Tip: Learning something new. Indulge in a self-care ritual. Surrender to and align with the universe. Give up your need for control. Absorb pure energy from your crystals. Mediate and clear your head. Declutter your space and house. Spend some alone time in nature.

The balsamic moon takes place 72 hours before the new moon which gives us enough time to get ready for the new cycle. After completing the whole lunar cycle, we must reflect on the highs + lows and make peace with the lessons that the moon brought forward. It is important to be aware of our intentions and there will always be opportunities to revise and reorient our goals. Working with the lunar cycles to set goals, intentions and plan your work/life allows us to get in sync with ourselves and the flow of life. The power of the lunar cycle helps us lead a smooth journey and manifest abundance.

Feel free to honour and end the lunar cycle with a floral bath with Epsom salt.