• Experience WLTH now @1399. Use code WLTH10 to get 10% off.
  • Experience WLTH now @1399. Use code WLTH10 to get 10% off.
  • Experience WLTH now @1399. Use code WLTH10 to get 10% off.
  • Experience WLTH now @1399. Use code WLTH10 to get 10% off.
  • Experience WLTH now @1399. Use code WLTH10 to get 10% off.
  • Experience WLTH now @1399. Use code WLTH10 to get 10% off.

Focus Now

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INR. 1399

  • Boosts productivity & learning capacity.
  • Strengthens mental muscle.
  • Nourishes brain & boosts cognitive function.
  • Counters cognitive impairment.
  • Aids mental clarity and productivity.
  • Enhances memory, alertness and attention.
  • Reduces neuroinflammation and brain fog.
  • Promotes branching & dendritic length of neurons.

Natural Cognitive Enhancers

WLTH Focus Now is sustainably sourced, scientifically formulated and third-party lab tested. It is a fast-acting and sustained release adaptogenic formula. NON-GMO, Vegan, Keto Diabetic and Paleo Friendly. Each WLTH Focus now tin contains 14 sachets.

Do you find it difficult to focus on one task ? Have you procrastinated working on a project that you absolutely had to get done? Does your mind tend to wander away from where it’s supposed to be?

Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. Lack of focus is a common...

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WLTH Focus Now contains herbal extracts sourced from various parts of the globe and stevia as plant based natural sweetener.

We have sourced key herbs from its native place to keep the overall bioavailability of product high.

  • Brahmi Extract (Bacopa Monnieri)– India
  • Cinnamon Extract (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) – India
  • Gotu Kola Extract (Centella Asiatica) - India
  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract (withania somnifera)– India
  • Saffron Extract (Crocus Sativus L.)- Iran
  • Sage Extract (Salvia Officinalis) – Middle east
  • Tulsi Extract (Ocimum Sanctum)– India

Wild grown

  • Brahmi Extract (Bacopa Monnieri)– India
  • Cinnamon Extract (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) – India
  • Valerian Extract (Valeriana Wallichii) – Europe


Our aim is to provide you with the best ingredients that are manufactured under the highest quality standards. This is to ensure that our consumers receive a safe and high-quality product to achieve their daily wellness goals. Every element of the formulation and production process is in accordance with WHO-GMP practices and compliance. Our Ingredients, packaging and manufacturing are evaluated on the basis of standard operating procedure to ensure Purity, Quality & Safety. For all manufactured batches, rigorous testing is conducted by a third part- Govt approved laboratory. Our products are manufactured at a USFDA registered, ISO 9001: 2008 certified + HACCP and WHO-GMP certified facility in INDIA.


Pour one sachet in the brewing cup


Stir ! Stir! Stir! with the magic wand while adding 120ml of lukewarm or normal water


Mix the ingredients well and enjoy the magic brew.

Voila! Experience magic, experience WLTH.

What all can WLTH Focus Now be used for ?
WLTH focus now is an activity specific product and it can be taken 10-20 minutes prior to any indoor focus related task or activity. It can be a part of your daily routine for specific activities like studying, meetings, brainstorming, reading, writing or specific activities involving focus, indoor games etc. Product is equally effective for all genders and suitable for all occupations. This product works best in well-hydrated individuals.

How long can one consume WLTH Focus Now?
WLTH Focus Now is an activity-specific formula and should not be consumed for more than 3 three months in row. This is a non-habit-forming formula but 1-month break is advised after 3-month consumption.

What is the best time to consume WLTH Focus now ?
WLTH Focus now can be consumed any time of the day with hot, normal or lukewarm water. It is not recommended for outdoor activity.

Can this product be consumed with milk/alcohol/caffeine or fizzy drinks?
Our products are designed to give good taste in water and we promote a vegan lifestyle, hence we would recommend with water only. Consumption with milk/alcohol/caffeine or fizzy drinks is not recommended.

What are the counter interactions of WLTH Focus Now ?
The product cannot be consumed with WLTH Calm ease and WLTH Energy flow. There should be a 3-4 hour interval between any WLTH product.

Featured review

Unlike any other, the product, the design caught my eye but what really mattered for me was the content and that's where my heart laid, and I must add it's been happily ever after. A great all-around product, I hope they continue it with the same zeal.

ZUBIN NIURAWAN Professional Golfer

Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews
Shekhar Das

It helps me stay alert and productive, especially during long hours of work. Definitely recommend giving it a try.

Rajesh Sethi

I've noticed a marked improvement in my mental clarity during study sessions. It's now my go-to product for staying focused.

Veena Nair

I've been using the Focus Now for a month now, and the difference is clear. My memory retention has improved, and I feel more focused throughout the day.

Sneha Joshi

Focus Now has really helped me stay focused and sharp during meetings. It's a must-have for anyone looking to improve their mental performance.

Lata Prasad

The Focus Now is fantastic! It helps me maintain mental clarity and productivity during meditation sessions.


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