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Sensory Self-care Rituals


The joy of experiencing all five senses surpasses all other pleasures. We must slow down and practise self-care rituals based on our five senses to experience the collision of our internal and external worlds as they become one with emotions & sensations.


The sense of smell is used to cure insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc. Aromas can benefit your body profoundly. It is scientifically proven that aromatherapy has positive benefits on our well being. Enhance your sense of smell in the following ways:

  • Light some scented candles.
  • Use essential oil diffuser.
  • Take a spa bath or use spray mist.
  • Roll on some aromatherapy oils on your pulse points.
  • Notice whether a specific smell brings out any memory.
  • Notice the smells of your family, pets & loved ones.
  • Notice the smell of your surroundings and nature.


When you’re feeling overwhelmed or burned out, take a few moments to look around and absorb your surroundings. Pay close attention to every aspect while you’re looking at anything. Take note of the various hues and the light-dark contrast. A sight ritual views the world as a large, beautiful canvas ready to be soaked by the eyes. Enhance your sense of sight in the following ways:

  • Buy some candles or crystals that are pleasing to your eyes.
  • Notice the objects around you and how they make you feel.
  • Step out in nature and absorb the greenery.
  • Take note of what colours attracts your eyes visually.
  • Step out & try gazing at the sky after long hours in front of screens.


The sense of sound plays a vital role in uplifting our mood and calming our minds. It is scientifically proven that music therapy eases anxiety and depression. Similarly, singing has been found to enhance mood and reduce stress by increasing levels of endorphins and oxytocin. Sounds stimulate the vagus nerve that helps the nervous system relax.
Enhance your sense of sound by the following ways:

  • Listen to your breath while inhaling and exhaling.
  • Try listening to the sounds of your surroundings with closed eyes.
  • Try sound healing with binaural beats and soothing tunes.
  • Step out in nature to absorb the sounds of healing sounds of nature.
  • Listen to music of different genres to match your moods.
  • Be vocal whenever you read and sing along songs.


With its many textures, tastes and temperatures, food can be a wonderful sensory experience. It delights and nourishes our lovely bodies while linking us to various cultures. Cooking and eating experiences can help us bond and bring back memories of people, places, special memories etc. Enhance your sense of taste by the following ways:

  • Eat slowly while savouring all flavour of your food.
  • Notice the texture and temperature of whatever you eat.
  • Try out different cuisines to expand your taste buds.
  • Before eating or drinking anything, bless it.
  • Notice what type of food changes your mood & how it impacts your emotions.


Skin is the largest organ of our body. It is always in contact with one thing or another. Experimenting with different touches can provide great sensual pleasure and positively impact our wellbeing. Getting touched or hugged by others lovingly can boost our energy and make us feel wonderful. Enhance your sense of touch by the following ways:

  • While laying in bed, feel the texture of your bedsheet.
  • Feel how your clothes feel on your body.
  • Touch distinct textures and notice the diversity.
  • Take time while applying any products to your skin.
  • Hug your pets and family minimum 3 times a day
  • Play with sensory tools like kinetic sand or de stressing clay.

So, begin to look after your body and trust us when we say that your mind and soul will thank you!

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